CocosBuilder relative positioning

CocosBuilder relative positioning
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I am struggling to understand / make work the relative positioning in cocos builder.

Here the simple scenario.

I am building a scene for iPhone and iPad. The resources are properly selected based on the device.
I place a CCSprite onto the main CCLayer which properly gets resized for the specific device.

The positioning I used is “Percentage of the container”. The anchor point for the sprite is 0.50 / 1.00 (so middle top)

If I place the sprite at x:50 of width and y:100 of height. (top of the screen)

I can see the sprite properly displayed in the builder at the top of the scene.

When I run it on the iPhone - it Looks good. If I run on iPhone 5 - looks good. If I run on an iPad - only one half of the sprite is visible vertically. Horizontally - the sprite is perfectly centered, but vertically - the Y coordinate is beyond the specified 100%

An I doing something wrong or is this a bug in CocosBuilder v3 (3) ?

btw. Design resolution is 320x480 and I properly calculate the ratio. However - the ratio should not matter in this case anyway if one uses percentage of the parent container size…

Any help would be appreciated.