CocosBuilder modification for Lua

CocosBuilder modification for Lua
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I am working on CocosBuilder and lua-scripts integration for my project now.
I use ccb markup file and lua-script file for each scene.

In lua-script variables of type “Owner var” available. And selectors in ccb with Target=“Owner” are binded with functions from lua-script.

To implement this functionality I have made some modifications in CCBCustomClassProtocol class:

  1. “bool callbackSetChildren(const char* name, cocos2d::CCObject* node)”
    changed to
    “bool callbackSetChildren(const char* name, cocos2d::CCObject* node, const char* type)”

It is necessary to define types of variables in lua-script, not just CCObject type.

  1. “cocos2d::SEL_MenuHandler callbackGetSelectors(const char* selectorName)”
    changed to
    “void callbackGetSelectors(const char* selectorName, cocos2d::CCObject*& target, cocos2d::SEL_MenuHandler& selector)”
    I create wrapper-objects for selectors from script which I return as Target.

Can you apply this changed in main branch?
If you will apply it I can publish my integration as extension when it will be completed.


I am also working on that, could you give me more hint about integrating cocosbuilder and Lua-script together?

Or maybe you can give me one lua example and I can see your thoughts more clearly.

Thanks very much!