cocosbuilder animation doesn't work?

cocosbuilder animation doesn't work?
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my env is cocos2d-x 2.1.2, cocosbuilder 3.0

i added a CCLabelTTF in my home.ccb layer, then add some simple tween animations in default timeline, and set autoplay as true, then i play it in cocosbuilder, it worked fine…

but when i published the ccbi, added it into the HelloWorld Scene like this:

CCNodeLoaderLibrary ll = CCNodeLoaderLibrary::newDefaultCCNodeLoaderLibrary;
reader = new CCBReader(ll);
CCNode *node = reader~~>readNodeGraphFromFile;
this~~>addChild(node, 3);

i found that the label have been loaded, but animation doesn’t work…

could anyone tell me how to resolve it?


i manually run animations like this:

CCBAnimationManager* animationManager = (CCBAnimationManager*)node~~>getUserObject;
animationManager~~>runAnimationsForSequenceNamed(“Default Timeline”);

it worked…