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Just want to check… any plan to port cocos3d?



No yet. I’m not sure if there’s stable commercial games based on it.
Do you have any idea?


Not really have any idea at the moment. I just randomly asked see if there was any plan.



I do have a game to port to cocos3D. I am Phil Taylor, a principal for Simple Games.

We released Simple Socks on iOS 9/22/2011.

Pay version
Free version here

Its a cute, kid-friendly puzzle/strategy game with a very natural interface. More can be found on our web site,

We have preliminary agreement on an MOU with an Android tablet/handset chipset/device manufacturer for porting Simple Socks to Android, with per-pixel lighting and shadows. Adding a 3D component is critical to the deal.

Obviously, the second part of that ( per-pixel lighting and shadows ) requires either cocos3D, or moving to another engine that does support 3D.

I have a design that will work with either fixed-function or shader based per-pixel effects, which is possible since DOT3 texture mapping is already supported, and shaders are planned for Q1 in the iOS cocos3D.

So I am here to ask the community if there are any plans, or if having a real title and a real manufacturer behind the effort makes a difference? Note, I have contacted the author of cocos3d for iOS and he is in agreement with supporting an effort to move to cocos3D to Android as long as we are trailing his feature list and not making his port harder.

Because of how I have structured the design for the port of Simple Socks to 3D, which the manufacturer has already seen and agreed to in principal, having a “trailing-feature” port for cocos3D-android is not a hardship.

In terms of practical issues, if there is interest - we can certainly offer tablet device(s) for test and development, and who knows maybe we can swing a donation.

I say “who knows” wrt donations because as in all deals like this, overhead ( which is what porting the framework is seen as, unfortunately ) needs to be kept to roughly 20% of the overall porting cost. Plus both the entire structure of the deal is yet to be finalized and as in all mobile projects, deal structures are thin on overall financing.

I say “certainly” wrt to tablets because the manufacturer has already promised us tablets, and if it was going to generate the port we would allocate one of ours at a minimum and would also be banging on the manufacturer for more, or at least sell more to us at the developer ( eg reduced ) price. And the tablet(s) would stay with the developer after the port is complete.

My email is

thanks in advance for any replies, or any pointers on a potential path if this idea is seen by the community as “not good”, or there is a better path I am missing.



I was going to look into porting some basic stuff for something I may need, but it’s not decided yet.


P.S: If I do, I’m happy to accept financial donations :slight_smile:


Hi, Phil Taylor, you have a good start. Please consider using the cocos2dx/platform layer, and CCObject, CCAutorelease, selector_protocol design of cocos2d-x.


this isnt really a start, this is a desire.

if anyone gets Cocos3D on Android started, please reply on this thread so we can evaluate the feature set and timing and match it against our launch sponsor. And partner up as/if appropriate.