Cocos2dxSimpleGame not working?

Cocos2dxSimpleGame not working?
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Im using last version of cocos2dx (1.0.1-x-0.10.0) and i can’t compile cocos2dxsimplegame, i get a lot of errors like this one: “no such file or directory: ’/Users/Alex/Documents/Cocos2dxSimpleGame/libs/cocos2dx/actions/CCAction.cpp”

Is there an easy way to fix it or a new version of the simplegame?


I am using that same version and it works fine. You probably have not setup your environment correctly. Also make sure you add that folder inside your cocos2d-x folder, it makes the whole process a lot easier.


I added also inside the cocos2dx folder and i get different errors, what do i have to setup? I thought the cocos2dx installs automatically, i just installed the templates inside XCode4, and i can create and compile new projects without any problem (sometimes a get warnings with the test projects but it works very nice).


OK, I found the problem. You had to copy
* /Users/Alex/Documents/cocos2dx folder
* /Users/Alex/Documents/CocosDenshion folder
* /Users/Alex/Documents/Cocos2dxSimpleGame/libs/cocos2dx
* /Users/Alex/Documents/Cocos2dxSimpleGame/libs/CocosDenshion

In xcode4.2, you may need to change Build Settings~~>Build Options~~>Compiler for C/C++/Objective-C from “GCC” to “Default compiler (Apple LLVM compiler 3.0)”

Sorry for lacking a Readme in the zipball.


Thanks, just copying the libs worked :slight_smile: