Cocos2dx with Marmalade

Cocos2dx with Marmalade
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Do you use Cocos2dx with Marmalade?

It´s stable?

I plan to develop for iOS and Android.

Do you have any problem with this?




You can develop for ios and android without marmalade with coco2dx only.


I’ve been doing some work using Marmalade and cocos2dx. These are my cents.

* Marmalade allows you to work crossplatform on the same project (some people can work from VS while you sit in XCode).
* Marmalade offers a solid simulator so that you can preview your project quickly no matter which environment you work in.
* Marmalade probably speeds up your build process quite a lot once you’ve sorted the configuration.

* It’s probably easier to get all configuration done using only cocos2dx. We’ve had some problems with getting everything working in Marmalade, but it might be our inexperience :slight_smile:
* Marmalade isn’t free.

If you’re only targeting iOS and Android I think cocos2dx standalone will work, but if you’re considering even more platforms, or need to work in a bigger team
with multiple coders, I think Marmalade can be a good way of going. I guess it all depends on your project. I’d try setup a project using both methods and evaluate.



what’s the link between Marmalade and cocos2d-x ? i appears in cocos2d-x as a platform when it’s actually an sdk ? I don’t really get it.