Cocos2dx v3.6 port to Android successfully but "Unfortunately, MyApp has stopped!"

Hello everybody !

I have spent two days working with cocos2dx v3.6 and I’m getting in trouble.

I started to create a new project then testing it with Win32…it was nice !
Afterthat, I started to deploy to Android, building-step is successfully and I have a .apk file. Finally, I run it with Droid4x and I got an un-expected message “Unfortunately, MyGame has stopped!” …

Here is my video to show how I create and build the project, deploy to android step by step.

Please spend a little time to watch and help me…

Thanks a lot.

My Video: Trouble with cocos2dx when deploying to android

I had the same problem. It turns out I had Android SDK Platform 22 ( Android M) and my phone had Android 4.0.4. So, using the SDK manager, I downloaded Android PLatform 10 and then ran it again and woo…it ran successfully…

Run adb logcat to try to get more info about what is causing the crash.

The adb command line app is located in your Android SDK platform-tools folder (at least on Mac, not certain where it is on Windows).

Or use an Android IDE that has a debugger to try to get more information about what is causing the crash:

This can be really frustrating to solve if you cannot get a debugger or logging to reveal what is causing the problem.

One way to isolate the problem is to start with a new hello world project and then little-by-little copy your classes and resorces into the hello world proejct until you can isolate what is causing the issue.

An important note: To avoid having this problem in the future, it is important to regularly test your game on all platforms you intend to support as your development progresses.