Cocos2dx talk in Barcelona Developers Conference


Jesus Bosch, CEO of Plunge Interactive, will offer a Cocos2d-x talk during the Barcelona Developers Conference next November 9th at 9:30 am.

More info here:


Jesus Bosch finaly cannot make the talk, but don’t worry, me (Jose Antonio) from JanduSoft will be offering the cocos2d-x talk. :wink:


Cool! So how did it go?


Is there videos or more details about the event? I’m super curious:)


Sorry Zhenchen, there is no video about the event, only a few photos on my facebook page.


Thanks for the support! Would you mind if I borrow your photo and feature the event on our Cocos2d-x Facebook Page?
Or actually, it’d be even cooler if you would kindly post that to our page in person!:slight_smile:


Fee free to post the information you need on you facebook page.

What is your facebook page?


Please connect with us!:slight_smile:


already connected. :wink:


Just scheduled it and you should see the post tomorrow Sorry we weren’t aware of this earlier; should have checked this website more often…lol. But for social events, we are more active on FB and Google+:

Thanks for letting me know again):slight_smile:


its my fault, I just stick the message in the forum, next time I will send you an email…



Hi Bosch, have you connected to us on Facebook and Google+ yet? We are more active socially there… Forum might be a little more technical… But you are welcome to share with us whichever way that fits you the best!:slight_smile:


I follow you on FB (I don’t use G+). Nex time we organize something (and we will), I let you know.


Wonderful! Good luck:)