Cocos2dx development and debugging for Android in Visual Studio

Cocos2dx development and debugging for Android in Visual Studio
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Hi all!

I am trying to setup environment to start development for android using cocos2dx. My preferable IDE is Visual Studio. I want to stay with this environment during whole process. And i faced some questions:

  1. How set up vs-android tools for compile cocos2dx project generated with create-android-project.bat ?
  2. How compile cocos2dx in VS for android to get static link libraries ?
  3. Is there any way to do development only in VS including compiling and debugging on android device ?

Thanks in advance.


I would say you are better off setting up the android project using eclipse.
Add the iOS / Win32 versions.

Do the actual dev in VS for the Win32 version.
This way you can use the nice dev / debugging stuff you get with VS.
You can test any number of resolutions in VS by changing the settings.

Only build the android / iOS versions in eclipse / xCode when you need to test on the actual device.


For some of you who do not know, vs-android is the tool to build android project in Visual Studio. :slight_smile:

However, the tools vs-android requires ndk-r8e so this may not work for cocos2d-x


So is it impossible to develop for android and stay with in VS during all process ?