cocos2dx-3.0alpha1 android bug?

cocos2dx-3.0alpha1 android bug?
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I have been struggling with setting up the alpha1 version of 3.0 for android using Eclipse on Ubuntu12.04; and have failed (cocos2dx-2.2.1 works fine though). There were some bugs in the release which seem to have been fixed in the development trunk and I think I have another issue to report. I’m new to cocos2dx so I can’t say for sure if it is a bug or what.

.project file in samples/Cpp/HelloCpp/ has a reference to COCOS2DX/cocos2dx, whereas it seems that since the release of cocos2dx-3.0, the directory structure has been changed. And no such directory exists. instead, it has been split into COCOS2DX/cocos/2d. Please look into this if it is an issue.




Thats correct, I have tried using the files from the samples. But there are still more errors. I actually in the process of investigating a way to convert to Cocos2d-x 3.0


Yes, it seems like a lot of the Sample projects are using old paths, and the files are also out of date. You will need to do some googling to get these to work. But I’m finishing my investigation today. So hopefully I can have a solution.