Cocos2Dx 2.x + Marmalade 7 landscape orientation not working

Cocos2Dx 2.x + Marmalade 7 landscape orientation not working
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Hi all,

I used Cocos2d-x 2.2.1 to run the SimpleGame demo, on a Windows Phone 8, from cocos2dx’s samples. I made it run in landscape, and with Marmalade 6.4.1 it worked. Now, when I’ve upgraded to marmalade 7 it doesn’t really work but it shows it in portrait mode, stretched. The thing is that it seems only the drawing is problematic. If I click somewhere to throw a shurinken it takes the good position and draw accordingly on the portrait-only app.

I tried this solution but to no avail:

Can anyone suggest what to do in order to fix the orientation? Maybe someone can try to see if his cocos2d game works good in Marmalade 7?

PS: In Marmalade emulator it works fine.



Any ideas? :slight_smile: At least any ideas on how to DEBUG this problem?

PS: I need to say that using the pure Iw2D/IwGL framework works just fine (tried on another game that was not using cocos but Iw2d). I think it’s just the Cocos2dx marmalade implementation that is … broken?