Cocos2dx 2.2.1 install issues

Cocos2dx 2.2.1 install issues
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Hello everyone, I’m totally new to cocos2dx and I just downloaded version 2.2.1 and while I follow all the steps of installation I have this “command not found” issue after I type my password, if anyone can help that’ll be great, thx

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How to create new iOS project with cocos2dx-2.2.1 or high version?

use to create cocos2dx template, and you can find your new project in

cd cocos2d-x-2.2.1/tools/project-creator


In case of 2.2 and above (as of now) you have to go to where you unzipped cocos2d-x folder in the terminal, then go to tools, and then to project-creator folder then type the following to create a project .

./ project PROJECTNAMEpackage com.example.PROJECTNAME -language cpp

A new project would have been created in the projects folder with folder name PROJECTNAME. The projects folder is in the main folder where you unzipped cocos2d-x to.

Then you can go to proj.ios and open the xcode project to open the project in xcode.