cocos2dx-2.2.1 GLES-Render errors

cocos2dx-2.2.1 GLES-Render errors
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hey guys pls. help…
I’m still learning cocos2dx/box2d, i’ve managed to build and run testcpp proj. on android using my nexus7.
I created a dummy proj. and copied GLES-Render.* from the Box2dtestbed proj. and add it to the file.
The problem is weird though, when i build it the console said build finished without any errors but in eclipse ide there are errors pointing to glGetUniformLocation for example in this function:
`void GLESDebugDraw::initShader( void )
mShaderProgram = CCShaderCache::sharedShaderCache()->programForKey(kCCShader_Position_uColor);

mColorLocation = glGetUniformLocation( mShaderProgram->getProgram(), "u_color");

The error said “invalid arguments” and also to setUniformLocationWith4f.

pls. help guys thanks.