Cocos2dx 2.02 is great but...

Cocos2dx 2.02 is great but...
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I think that cocos2d-x 2.02 is a great improvement but I see a problem that comes from far: the lack of documentation. It should be forbidden to release a version without a guide on how to upgrade from the previous version… (just to give an example)

I know that you guys are doing a huge effort, but good documentation is as important as good code. I think it would be necessary to setup a team for the documentation in the same way there is a team for the development.




It’s really hard to find good documentation. If only I could do it myself but I’m not very familiar with Cocos2d-x yet.


I’ve written several tutorials in but still I need more experience to become part of any official team… anyway, I don’t know if there is interest on creating such kind of team