cocos2d-x3.0rc0 lua src-folder problem

cocos2d-x3.0rc0 lua src-folder problem
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cocos2d-x3.0rc0 directory structure of new project is


the ‘src’ and ‘res’ folder are copied to the path frameworks\runtime-src\proj.win32\Debug.win32\Resource after building the project in windows.

The project will run the lua source file in the inner ‘src’ folder, frameworks\runtime-src\proj.win32\Debug.win32\Resource\src.

So if I modify the lua source file in the outer ‘src’ folder, the project cannot find, unless I rebuild the project.

It is inconvenient.


why do you modify your lua srouce file out of src?
if you have to you can change the vs setting of pre build event to do your own copy work.


You can find a cpp file to input a space,then build.This method can trigger pre build evnet.Other method,you can look the vs setting to find Custom generation step to try.


my project path is F:\cocos2d-x-test\mygame-cocos3.0
which contains


i mean if i modify lua file in F:\cocos2d-x-test\mygame-cocos3.0\src , i must rebuild the project.
if i don’t, just run the project, the project will run lua file in F:\cocos2d-x-test\mygame-cocos3.0\frameworks\runtime-src\proj.win32\Debug.win32\Resource\src. it cannot read my modify.


Yes, it is.
But you can write your own script[.bat, .py] to copy you lua file to the Resource dir, and run the .exe.



i change the vs configure “Working Directory” to root path of my project, F:\cocos2d-x-test\mygame-cocos3.0\

and create a new folder called “cocoslib” in F:\cocos2d-x-test\mygame-cocos3.0\src

then copy the .lua which cocos generate in F:\cocos2d-x-test\mygame-cocos3.0\frameworks\runtime-src\proj.win32\Debug.win32\Resource to F:\cocos2d-x-test\mygame-cocos3.0\src\cocoslib

change the ‘require’ function in those lua file, exp. require"Cocos2d.lua" to require “src.cocoslib.Cocos2d.lua”

change the c++ code CCLuaEngine.cpp bool LuaEngine::init(void)



I think copy the src files to Debug.win32 is a better way.


the copy way is inconvenient, cause if i modify a little in lua file, i’ll do the copy. that’s annoying.

maybe you think i can modify lua file directly in debug.win32 path. that’s not a good idea, cause if i modify the cpp file and rebulid the project, the modified lua files in debug.win32 path are gone.


@zhang06fan,I modify the configs of vs as follow:
1.set project director:$(ProjectDir)..\..\..
2.go to pre build event to set:xcopy "$(ProjectDir)..\..\cocos2d-x\cocos\scripting\lua-bindings\script" "$(ProjectDir)..\..\..\" /e /Y

In this way,you can modify your lua files in outer folders then run the project without building project.