Cocos2d-x with Marmalade SDK

Cocos2d-x with Marmalade SDK
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Hello! Can you help me with my problem - i want to write my game with Cocos2d-x, but i must build game with Marmalade SDK. Please, can you give me links to tutorials or examples, in cocos2d-x folder i found nothing about Marmalade SDK, but in this forum, i found themes about it. Please help!
P.S. sorry for bad English :slight_smile:


Hi Vitality,

In order to use Marmalade with cocos2dx you should use cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.13.0-beta version!
If you want to use cocos2dx2.0.x you should use the code in this github branch
I think the guys behind Marmalade are working to have teh latest version of cocos2dx working with the
latest version of Marmalade. But nobody says when the integration is going to be finish…