Cocos2d-x Win32 how to set up the vertical sync?

Cocos2d-x Win32 how to set up the vertical sync?
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Such as the title, in Win32, 1080p resolution screen, screen random horizontal dislocation.
The program is testcpp, modify only the resolution and the settings fullscreen. For example: to enter the TransitionsTest, the first scene CCTransitionJumpZoom circle play obviously. A high point of changing picture place has.
If only modify the resolution but still use window misplacement phenomenon is not obvious. But fluency decreased not full screen so smooth (the same 1080 resolution) Murphy has opened the vertical sync?
Question: Win32 to full screen smooth display good project.
Under PS environment, win7 x64, VS2010; e-31230, >8G RAM, SSD, HD6770


程序是testcpp, 仅修改了分辨率和设置了全屏。比如:进入TransitionsTest ,第一个场景CCTransitionJumpZoom点圆圈播放就很明显。稍微高速点变换画面的地方都有。
若仅修改分辨率但仍采用窗口则错位现象不明显。不过流畅度降低没有全屏那么流畅了(同样是1080分辨率)- 莫非已开启垂直同步?


ps下环境吧,win7 x64,vs2010;e-31230,>8G RAM,SSD,HD6770