Cocos2D-x vs Corona (about sidescrollers)

Cocos2D-x vs Corona (about sidescrollers)
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I’m currently programming a sidescroller in Lua language and I’m using Corona sdk.
My goal is to create an action sidescroller similar to Megaman or Metroid (by Nintendo). I grew up with those games and I think they’re great, even nowdays.

I was thinking to switching to Cocos2D-x, because it seems that Corona sdk was meant for arcade style games, more than 2D sidescrollers.
Also there are very few tutorials for 2D sidescrollers for Corona, almost none.
There are tutorials for stuff like Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, but I’m not going for any of such games, cause Google Play and AppStore are already flooded with them anyways…

So I’d like to know- Is Cocos2D-x good for programming 2D sidescrollers?

I’ve been using Lua a lot. I’ve heard that Cocos2D-x supports Lua as well, but it’s not completely the same as in Corona…
Will it be tough for me to switch?

Thanks in advance!



Cocos2dx is good for any 2d game. With cocos2dx you have more control than with corona, it’s plain C*+ and is open source .
If you switch, you might consider using the new cocos2d-html5* javascript bindings, that will allow your game to run native on iOS, Android, Windows and also on the web browsers.

Good luck and welcome to Cocos2dx


Thanks for reply!

Great to see that with Cocos2dx you have more control than with Corona.

Ummm…My sidescroller (that I’m programming in Corona) is actually starting to take shape.

Well Corona is free to publish and sell games, but when you reach 100.000$, you have to get the Pro license AKA pay for subcription each month.

I’ll definitely look into Cocos2d more, probably install it and try it out.


In my mind, free and open is only one factor of cocos2d-x’s competitiveness. Fast, stability, compatibility and proven is also the reason you should choose cocos2d-x.


Does Cocos2d-x support the Lua language?
If not, is C++ hard to learn?
Are there any tutorials or sample codes to start off?


May I ask for some tutorials for getting started?
Any helpful links?
Thanks in advance!


Cocos2d-x supports Lua, C++ and JavaScript.

I’m sure you already know that by now.
Can I ask how was your experience between Corona SDK and Cocos2d?
Any thoughts or opinions?


The problem that makes me pissed off about Corona is about camera. Corona does not have a camera system.