Cocos2d-x ver.2. Win32 to Android?

Cocos2d-x ver.2. Win32 to Android?
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Hi to all! I am new in cocos2d-x and c++, and my English is not very well, but I hope that it will not prevent you understand me.
I tried to move the simplegame exemple win32 to android(guided by this material When I run the file, I get an error 1 about main.o.
I also noticed that the filling of files AppDelegate and HelloWorldScene differ from android and win32 projects.
I have a screenshot, but it is in Russian, I apologize for that.

Maybe I should just use cocos2d-x ver. 1.x? But of course I would like to use the latest release.
I hope that my question will not cause anybody irritation, please understand that I want to create a project in VisualStudio, then just port it to Android, then at iOs.

So, I created an new android project by script and modified files of this new project by copy/paste from my Cocos2dxSimpleGame before I use When I change HelloWorldScene.cpp, it’s Ok, errors about not void, I expected that.
But when I write in HelloWorldScene.h my first void (void HelloWorld::spriteMoveFinished(CCNode* sender);), I get an error about extra qualification on member spriteMoveFinished.
Help a newbie!

trouble.png (38.8 KB)


I have some progress. I removed HelloWorld::, and it’s OK now:)


Thanks a lot. Zoomerland. :slight_smile: