Cocos2d-x v3.17 released!

Cocos2d-x v3.17 released!


Thanks, Steve, I finally got my iphonex splash screen working (I had used the wrong launch screen file name). Along the way, I created a separate branch using the storyboard approach, which also works, but I’m going to stay with the simple approach for now.

As for the UI, what you’re saying is good, and I might likely go that route if I were starting fresh, but I’m going to create iphonex assets, shouldn’t be that hard (hopefully). However, I’ll also have to write code to offset any body elements by enough to get around that notch. It’s going to take me some work, but that’s ok.

I really appreciate how great and expandable cocos2d-x is, and commend you all!


So then, is there no way to replace the third-party libs from pre-built to src-based ?


I would think that you could, it would just be a manual process.


When you guys release a new version of Cocos2d-x does it say which “Gradle Version” & “Android Plugin Version” you guys tested against ?


you can upgrade both version as recommend easily, when you use android studio


How is the home indicator hidden?
I’ve been looking around the code and searched the forums but couldn’t find it.


@bolin probably the following is all you need?

Note though you’ll find that this dismisses your app on any upward home swipe gesture. So for our game we keep it visible, but note that it will fade out after a few seconds, so that on the first swipe up our game captures it and prevents immediately going home.

- (BOOL)prefersHomeIndicatorAutoHidden {
    return YES;


That’s the native way to do it.
But since the changelog says:

[NEW] iOS: add auto hide home indicator for iPhone X

I thought there would be something like Director::hideHomeIndicator(bool). But I’ve looked around the forums and code and couldn’t find anything.



i just tried v3.17. At first compile I got an Error with UIWebView.
I had to remove UIWebViewImpl-tizen.h (UIWebViewImpl-tizen.cpp) and the reference to this file.

I know that tizen is not supported anymore… so is this known by the devs that there still are tizen related files that produces errors?


@bolin - yeah I don’t believe there’s a standard method, the bare minimum was added for iPhone X support.


That’s my question since the changelog says there is :slight_smile:
I haven’t had time to look in the code again in case I missed something.

prefersHomeIndicatorAutoHidden works but its from iOS sdk, there’s no “high level way” to hide it from cocos2dx (that I could find).