cocos2d-x use plugin-x, add a new method on protocolUser problem

cocos2d-x use plugin-x, add a new method on protocolUser problem
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Dear guys
I try to use plungin-x to do something on cocos2d-x-3.0alpha0-pre

I add a new method “getUserID” on ProtocolUser.h,and I add implement that on those file
std::string ProtocolUser::getUserID
return PluginUtils::callJavaStringFuncWithName;
static JSFunctionSpec funcs[] = {
JS_FN(“isLogined”, js_pluginx_protocols_ProtocolUser_isLogined, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE),
JS_FN(“logout”, js_pluginx_protocols_ProtocolUser_logout, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE),
JS_FN(“configDeveloperInfo”, js_pluginx_protocols_ProtocolUser_configDeveloperInfo, 1, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE),
JS_FN(“login”, js_pluginx_protocols_ProtocolUser_login, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE),
JS_FN(“getUserID”, js_pluginx_protocols_ProtocolUser_getUserID, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE),
JS_FN(“getSessionID”, js_pluginx_protocols_ProtocolUser_getSessionID, 0, JSPROP_PERMANENT | JSPROP_ENUMERATE),

JSBool js_pluginx_protocols_ProtocolUser_getUserID(JSContext cx, uint32_t argc, jsvalvp)
JSObject obj = JS_THIS_OBJECT;
proxy = jsb_get_js_proxy(obj);
cocos2d::plugin::ProtocolUser* cobj = (cocos2d::plugin::ProtocolUser *)(proxy ? proxy~~>ptr : NULL);
if {
std::string ret = cobj~~>getUserID();
jsval jsret;
jsret = std_string_to_jsval(cx, ret);
JS_SET_RVAL(cx, vp, jsret);
return JS_TRUE;
JS_ReportError(cx, “wrong number of arguments: d, was expecting d”, argc, 0);
return JS_FALSE;
getUserID : function
public String getUserID();

When I call that I will got error.
I got a error “undefined reference to ‘cocos2d::plugin::ProtocolUser::getUserID()’”.
But if I remove “getUserID” that will be ok.
I had run “plugin/protocols/” to recompiler
I don’t know what step or code is miss.
someone can help me~

qh360User = dynamic_cast<ProtocolUser>>loadPlugin);