Cocos2d-x to Marmalade

Cocos2d-x to Marmalade
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I have just ported my project across from cocos2d iPhone to cocos2d-x and c++ on Mac but now how do I create a marmalade version of my project? I have tried using Marmalade’s launcher application to create an mkb from the cocos2d-x project but is this correct? What do I do from there?



Included is the mkb file that I have been using for several projects, this is the Tweejump.mkb file. It is located at 2d-x\tweejump\tweejump.mkb, one level below the cocos2d-x distribution.

The source files are located in the directory “Classes” with no subdirectories, you can see below in the “files” section it is using .h and.cpp to pickup all the source files.

I have bascially just been keeping the same file structure between projects to keep it simple and use the same mkb file and just renaming it for the project and placing it in the new project location.

The entire project directory structure is:

cocos2d-x\tweejump Classes (all source code and header files)
Resource( all images, plists, app.icf etc, can have subdirectories but must specify that in the source code)

This is the section of the mkb file that tells Marmalade where your project source files are:




Hi I am getting the following error:

C:.1\s3e\makefile_builder\ C:.mkb

Building project: C:/Users/Adam/Downloads/TweeJump.mkb
C:/Users/Adam/Downloads/TweeJump.mkb(10) : error: The specified s3e-data-dir does
not exist: Resource (C:/Users/Adam/Downloads/Resource)
FAILED (error code=2)
Press any key to continue . . .

Any ideas… Is there a tutorial for getting started with cocos2d-x on marmalade? Thanks!


You have the mkb file in your Downloads directory.

It needs to be in the cocos2d-x directory structure.

Mine is at c:2d-x\tweejump\TweeJump.mkb so that all the references to the cocos2d-x and resources can be found.

My mkb file that is working with the latest cocos2d-x and latest Marmalade is attached.


Sweet Tahnks a lot :slight_smile: (/)


i moved it into cocos2d directory. i am still getting error. here’s the screen shot.