cocos2d-x particlesystem memory increment and crash problems in the iPhone or iPad?

cocos2d-x particlesystem memory increment and crash problems in the iPhone or iPad?
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**I use in the cocos2dx ParticleSystem in my game program,but it can appear memory clear off and crash problem.who can help me solve it?
Specific questions as follows:
1, when I am switching scene, delete the emitter before, once again, to create, then the memory can’t completely empty, lead to switch scene every time, memory can increase a lot.
2, when the emitter is operating,the memory increase by itself.
3,My program is developped under Windows development,after transplanted to the iPad, it will appear crash every once in a while, the problem is the place where CCParticleSystemQuad.cpp #if CC_USES_VBO code there.
How to solve these problems? Is it cocos2dx’ bugs?
Hope masters as soon as possible to solve.

memory leak in CCParticleExamples

Hi, Tiger Feng,
Could you please offer the demo that can reappear this problem?


Yeah, I got the same problem on Android Platform as well.

To explain clearly, I write an example here:

  1. Suppose that we have two different scenes, called scene1 and scene2, where scene1 is the main screen when we enter the game.
  2. At scene2, we add a particle system using a plist file, say “bubbles.plist”, with the texture data in the plist file.
  3. On scene1, we have a button to go to scene2 using replace scene, same in scene2 having a button going back to scene1.
  4. On both scenes, we have onExit() called to clear the Texture and SpriteFrame Cache.
  5. Keep switching in between these scenes will crash the program, sometimes will cause blank spriteFrames (White boxes) on other scenes when those scenes are loading spriteframes and texture using a plist+pvr.ccz combo.