Cocos2d-x Parallax

Cocos2d-x Parallax
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Hey everybody,

can someone please help me… I have the latest stable cocos2dx library and I tried to train myself a little but it seemse this is not working correctly any help on this would be very nice…


void HelloWorld::update(ccTime dt) {
CCPoint backgroundScrollVert = ccp(–1000,0) ;
backgroundNode->setPosition,ccpMult)) ;
Xcode writes an error on the
backgroundNode line… no matching function for call to ‘ccpMult’…
Thank you already


Are you using cocos2d 2.0 or 1.0?


where is _backgroundNode declared?


thank you for your reply…
well i use the latest one cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.2 @ Aug 30 2012…
_backgroundNode is declared in my header file as public…

In addition I was reading the documentation about memory management it seemse like that with cocos2d x you dont need to care so much about it because mostly there are “autorelease” objects correct?
Im normally an objective c guy but since I want to support more platforms I need to stick with cocos2dx…

Thank you… Im looking forward to hearing from you
best regards