Cocos2d-x Linux Native Support

Cocos2d-x Linux Native Support
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Is it possible to build cocos2d-x code on linux. I can see that the samples can be built on linux. Therefore, it must mean that the provision exists. I am willing to go to quite some trouble to get it working on linux. It would be very very helpful. Can you please give me a few pointers?

Update: I have managed to build the project on Linux. It is really not that difficult. Just copy the makefile from the HelloCpp sample and add your own classes to it. Make sure you modify the paths (they are relative to the samples directory) for all cocos2d-x includes. Your program will build on linux.

New Problem: It is really easy to debug things on visual studio. Is the same possible in Linux? Is there an IDE that can make the job easier.



Can Eclipse + CDT meat your requirement?


Are the eclipse project up-to-date? I have trouble using them last week when I tried them for the first time.

For what its worth the makefiles on linux are recently much improved:

If you are happy using “make” and “gdb” on the command line this approach seems to work well.