cocos2d-x have some limitations about sprites weight

cocos2d-x have some limitations about sprites weight
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¿does cocos2d-x have some limitations about sprites weight?, because i have 6 png with his plist, each one size is 4800x4800 i render all at the same time and it makes my app shut down. I am making an app for ipad with retina display.

thanks for the help


Yes, cocos2d-x has limitation with image size, I think the limit is 2048x2048, you have 6 images with 4800x4800, probably your game will have many MBs, you need to scale down your images or separate them into smaller images.
Think well, you will really need images with 4800x4800 resolution?


They are texture atlas for the animations,we use 4800 x 4800 Because is for an ipad retina if we make texture atlas with size 2048 x 2048 it take a lot of files, we use the current size because the ipad support it, we think.

When we run all the 6 textures atlas at the same time the app crashes do you think is about the size of the texture(4800 x 4800), we can try whit texture whit size 2400x2400 or is about the weight, all this 6 texture weight 45 mb but we dont know what memory cache occupies run the animation.

thanks for the answer


for iPhone and iPad, the largest possible size is 2048x2048. For iPhone Retina and iPad Retina, the largest is 4096x4096. Using larger sizes will make your app crash.