Cocos2d-X Frame Freezes During UIKit Animation

Cocos2d-X Frame Freezes During UIKit Animation
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I did an experiment. I added a UITableView instance above the Cocos2d-X scene and I touched the UITableView instance and made it animate. During the entire animation period, the Cocos2d-X scene underneath froze, while the UITableView animation went quite smoothly.

I understand that this must has something to do with the threading behind the implementation of Cocos2d-X. And my question is , what should I do to make Cocos2d-X animation co-exist with the UIKit animation?

YouTube demo:

Thanks in advance!


Could you upload your example?
It can save time to reproduce it.
And I think when touching on UIKit, engine’s main loop is not called.


Hi Minggo, here’s an example,


Thank you.


Is there some news about it? I’m trying to integrate cocos2d-x with uikit too, and I have the same problem.


This was discussed in 2011 at the Cocos2d forum - I guess this can help Cocos2d-x too


Thx Herman , that’s exactly the same problem.


Have you guys solved this issue? I have a CCAction lag after I integrating UIKit.


@LeYang I guess you have to rewrite the Cocos2d-x core then. Don’t use UIKIt when you need animation in the background. Otherwise set Cocos2d on pause.