Cocos2d-x: Develop win32 projects or iOS on win32?

Cocos2d-x: Develop win32 projects or iOS on win32?
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I’m sorry if this question has been asked and answered, I did try to find the answer before posting.

Is Cocos2d-x used to develop for iOS on multiple platforms, in particular win32 (visual studio) or is it used to develop projects on multi-platforms? It sounds like that latter but I want to be sure.

If I want to develop a 2D game for windows can I use Cocos2d-x to do that?

Does using Cocos2d-x give you multi-platform executables for “free”? I.e. would a single project be able to run on iOS, win32, Android (with some branching or variation for the specifics of the platform of course)?

Thanks very much in advance!


Hi there,

I have done this already, i have an Iphone 4 and an ipad and i’m developing a game for both.
I prefer to develop in c++ and use visual studio 2010 pro or express will even do.
The problem however is every time i wish to deploy to the phone, i need to get on my mac and do some xcode work,
its pretty easy and fairly obvious, i could probably create a script to do it.

You will always get some build errors when porting over but it defo works.

My advice would be to pick a platform to like, develop your game and if you’ve managed to get it working and in a store,
then start worrying about porting it to another platform.