cocos2d-x book in Korean :)

cocos2d-x book in Korean :)
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Hello. I’ve published my new book about cocos2d-x in Korean lately.

In this book, readers can make two kinds of game by learning.
One is a puzzle game like well-knowned Bejeweled
and the other is top scrolling shooter game.

The book is based on cocos2d-x 2.0.X, but I’ve included explanations about ‘How to migrate code to 3.0 alpha from 2.0.X’, so readers can port their code to 3.0 alpha easily.

it’s a bit of shame that this book is written in Korean so who dont know Korean can’t read this book,
but you can download this book’s source code from here and can see what’s inside.

Later if I have a time, I’m planning to rewrite this book in english. So anticipating the English version of this book :slight_smile:


Link to the book : Yes24 Book, Aladdin

book1.png (177.4 KB)


Congratulations! I will buy one when I attend a trade show in Busan :slight_smile: