cocos2d-x 2.04 or 2.10 with qt?

cocos2d-x 2.04 or 2.10 with qt?
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Hi guys im trying to make a port of cocos2d-x for qt by using various sources.

Im doing an opengles implementation wrapped with libangle for directx9.

I’m having a linking error.

Has anyone else worked on a port for the latest versions.
Maybe they can help relieve my pain.

I’ve created an issue todo with linking on the qt forums with a linking issue if anyone would care to look

That aside I’m just wondering if anyone is maintaining a qt port as even with hackery this crashes?

Many thanks


Hey guys quick update.

Ive gotten rid of the linking errors. :slight_smile:

I’ve ported over all the platform code except for ccapplication and cceglview to qt.
It runs in windows with mixed code.

Has anyone worked on cceglview or ccapplication in qt?