[cocos2d-x-2.0.4]problem with CCTableView on some android phone

[cocos2d-x-2.0.4]problem with CCTableView on some android phone
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I make a horizontal scroll list with CCTableView and test it on the device. When I touched a cell on the CCTableView, the tableCellTouched function(which is the function of CCTableViewDelegate) should be triggered, but it didn’t. I check the log and find that ccTouchMoved function was triggered, but I didn’t move my finger when I touched the screen. What is more weird is that the problem only appeared on some devices, (e.g. Meizu MX with android os 4.0)others work well. Who can help me?


This problem is fixed in new versions of cocos2dx, old version had a problem where on some devices with sensitive touch screens even small touch would get recorded as a move in CCTableView.

Try downloading the latest version and you should not have this problem.


The problem has already been fixed. Thanks