cocos2d-x 0.8.3 release date

cocos2d-x 0.8.3 release date
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Thanks again for all the great work you guys are doing on this project. I notice that the roadmap now expects version 0.8.3 pretty soon, with lots of lovely fixes in it. Quite a few of these I’m looking forward to having integrated into my game, which is nearing completion. I was wondering if the expected release date is accurate, and I should wait for the official release, or if it might be a while and I should manually merge in the code from git myself. How stable is the current git version?



There’re still 2 problems in 0.8.3 plan.
One is #486, FlipX flickers, we must trace opengles invokes to deal with this bug
Another is #371, the input box is unstable now, it crashes sometimes.
Besides these two issues, other features are OK. 0.8.3 will be release at tomorrow or this Friday.