Cocos2D vs. Cocos2D-X Opinion Question


I am asking for some opinions on iPhone development using cocos2D/X. I have researched many of the iPhone game engines and frameworks over the last few months including Orge, Unity, iTorque2D, Shiva, AirPlay, and of course Cocos2D and Cocos2D-X. Criteria for choosing an iPhone framework was not necessarily speed or cost, it was more about whether it was C*+ and/or were there any restrictions for example not supporting the latest iPhone OS or integration with OpenFeint, etc.
Through all of these versions we continued to lean towards Cocos2D, then we discover Cocos2D-X. It had the best of both worlds, the features, community, ease of use, and C*+. My question is are there any reasons not to use Cocos2D-X over the standard version? I know the non-X version is a little further along and has a bigger following at the moment and seems like it will continue to improve. Are there virtually no difference between the versions, are there major features that are not supported?

Just looking for some opinions and thoughts on this and would love to support the growth of both versions for various reasons just looking to see what everyone thinks.



In one word, if you only foucs on iOS platform, cocos2d-iphone is the best choice; if you consider about android, cocos2d-x becomes the best.
We keep following the cocos2d-iphone’s big versions, but exclues its ~~beta &~~rc ones. So cocos2d-x is based on 0.99.5-final now, and waiting 1.0.0-final to follow up. When we want to upgrade to 1.0.0, one week is enough. It’s a full-time working team behind cocos2d-x.