Cocos2d.pkg and LuaCocos2d.cpp mismatch

Cocos2d.pkg and LuaCocos2d.cpp mismatch
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the resulting file ‘LuaCocos2d.cpp’ differs from the original file extracted from package.
I assume that .pkg files are not the most recent versions.

tolua++.exe tCocos2do LuaCocos2d.cpp Cocos2d.pkg

Command results in the errors below.

** tolua internal error: [string “tolua embedded: src/bin/lua/package.lua”]:274:
#CCFileUtils.pkg: No such file or directory: CCFileUtils.pkg.

Even if I remove ‘CCFileUtils.pkg’ from Cocos2d.pkg ‘LuaCocos2d.cpp’ files still differ.


After fighting with it for line 2 hours, it was just one line of code


#include "LuaCocos2d.h"


#include "LuaCocos2d.h" using namespace cocos2d;

in the generated LuaCocos2d.cpp.



By the way, where can I find CCFileUtils.pkg file??


It seems like the CCFileUtils.pkg file has been removed.

Just delete the line

$pfile "CCFileUtils.pkg"

from Cocos2d.pkg and use the little patch I posted here: