Cocos2d Meetup group in Barcelona

Cocos2d Meetup group in Barcelona
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Hi, me and my business partner created a meetup cocos2d group to meet other developers in Barcelona and arounds, if anyone interested please do join, we would like to schedule a meet up maybe next month:

It is for anyone related with cocos2d, in either of it’s family versions (cocos2d-iphone, cocos2d-x, cocos2d-js)


I will be in UK Cambridge on Aug 20th, attending ARM partnership’s conference.
I’m not sure if it’s convenient to travel from UK to Spain (considering the visa), and if there’s a meetup at that time?


Hey, we will see if we can get some more members, so far is only 4 people on the group! I’m in the UK too on August for couple of weeks, but coming back on the 16th.


Hi, I’m from barcelona. Are youn in gamelab today?


Hey, no we not in gamelab this year, but we can meet if you like for chat.