Cocos2d-JS v3.0 alpha release: Feedbacks

Cocos2d-JS v3.0 alpha release: Feedbacks
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Hi, community

As Cocos2d-JS v3.0 alpha have been released on 15 March, we are happy to announce that now Cocos2d-html5 and Cocos2d-JSBinding are merged into one single project: Cocos2d-JS. It provides a consistent development experience for no matter what platform you want to distribute, web or native. Code once, run everywhere will become even more simple in 3.0. First of all we will focus on unify the API of JSBinding with Cocos2d-html5. Secondly, Cocos2d-JS provides a script tool cocos console to simplify the creation of the project.

We hope you enjoy the new workflow and new javascript API of Cocos2d-JS. But we do know that the API changes of this version may be too much to some developers, and upgrade from 2.2.2 to 3.0 is not that easy neither. So we have prepared a bunch of documents to save you some time.

This topic is created to collect all your feedbacks for Cocos2d-JS v3.0a, any questions, suggestions, issue reports, complains are welcomed here, please help us to improve Cocos2d-JS and the community appreciate your contribution in any form.

Best regards
Huabin LING
Cocos2d-JS engine developer


ccui.TextField 的触摸范围 用setTouchSize 依然不可以吗:;qst



This function has been bind in JSB, so normally it works, you can have a try.



@pandamicro 可能我的问题没有说清楚,我之前是尝试过的。 ccui.TextField的触摸区域和打的字的多少有关。因此我设置了setTouchSize ,目的是扩大它的范围。但是没有用。就算我设置成winsize,也点不了的。



I’ve started with cocos2d-js. As far I understood wiki pages (correct me if I’m wrong) it looks like I’m able to write JS (binding) once and compile it to Android,Windows,Linux,iOS.

It looks like the repo has all the targets except Linux? How to get it working?



Yes, you can write JS once and compile to Android, iOS, Mac OS X. But Linux and Windows is not supported yet. We will add the support in later version.


Thanks for the answer.
Will this hit release version or will be added later?


现在有没加上chipmunk cc.PhysicsSprite.extend


tableView 点击方法中调用 this.getParent().removeFromParent(true) 会报错。但是this.removeFromParent(true) 不会.

tableCellTouched:function (table, cell) {
// this.getParent().removeFromParent(true);删除父节点报错,父节点都是装这个tableView本身的layer
// this.removeFromParent(true); 可以



About issue report you can create another topic. Let’s focus on the new API, user experience and engine structure in this topic. Thanks


Cocos Console already support debug and release mode, you can see this in this doc:


@watson.wan In alpha version, we still have problems in extending engine classes in JSB, but this will be solved in the next version





beta version will be released in mid May


In 3.0a, I can’t find the userdefault ,is there any alternative oject to replace it ?
My project will release to andorid and ios .
Thanks a lot!


beta version will be released in mid May??? so long??


@shmilypyj don’t worry, there will be the alpha 2 version next week.


ccui.Button.setEnabled(false); seems has bugs(not work). please test it.


I think “ccui.Button.addTouchEventListener(this.onTouch,this);” is not very good,because “this.onTouch” has many “switch”,which makes code much longer.


cocos2d_jsb_samples 里的 OpenGL Test 貌似不能用啊,这是为何?OpenGL 还没有完全绑定好吗?我想做一些 OpenGL 的东西,是不是现在只能用 c++ 或 ch5啊?