[Cocos2d-html5] Support size of iphone 5

[Cocos2d-html5] Support size of iphone 5
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Hi guys,

I’m developing a game project by cocos2d-html5, then use another framework for porting to iOS, Android.
Currently, I set fixed the width, height of canvas size in [index.html] file is 320 x 480 (portrait direction). But the size of iphone 5 is larger.

How could I support for both size of iphone 5 and not-iphone 5 (iphone 4S, 4, 3S) with cocos2d-html5 ? (on native platform, as cocos2d-iphone, I could create resources with size corresponding to iphone5, then set corresponding name for these resources, but in cocos2d-htm5 I could not found any solution like that)

Plz help !

Many thanks & Best regards,


It adapts multi resolutions on three modes by scaling. However, it doesn’t provide multi resources auto selection.

It will be added soon.

issue 1939 has been created to track it.