cocos2d-html5 for Windows8 Metro App?

cocos2d-html5 for Windows8 Metro App?
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I’m trying to create a little game using the cocos2d-html5 engine. I worked with the original cocos2d engine before and I find the transition and reuse quite impressive.

As you might now Microsoft now enables developers to create Metro Apps for Windows 8 using Javascript technologies. I tried creating a project using Visual Studio 2012, but didn’t get it to run. The problem was that the app was stuck on preloading assets.

Any help here would be great and if this was supported there is yet another way to make apps with cocos2d.



Cocos2d-html5 does not include win8 JS API now.

Maybe we will integrate it to the framework in next step.


cocos2d-x for win8 just released its 2nd stable version, with some bug fixes:
It’s based on DirectX 11 and written in C++. So you can easily port your existing cocos2d-x games onto win8 metro.



Thanks for the replies. I know that the cocos2d-x C*+ version is already compatible with Windows8 which is awesome and great for the community. But my C* knowledge is quite limited at the moment, so that’s why I experimented with the html5 port, and it allowed me to quickly port some simple games to Javascript. They work in IE9 and IE10 which is very cool already. But the problem is that when I want to add them to a Windows8 Metro Javascript app the assets don’t load.

I’m new to Windows8 Development but I don’t see why it should behave different and have different API’s than in the browser, but that is probably a MS problem not a cocos2d-html5 problem. But I guess it’s worth looking into as MS pushes Javascript/HTML as a native development platform for building Metro Apps.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work :slight_smile:



Hi again,

I just did a little experiment testing out the different versions of cocos2d-x. As I wrote before, I could quiete easily port some exiting code to cocos2d-html5 because JavaScript is more familiar to me than C**. But then I tried porting the same code to cocos2d-x C**. The experiment went very well and I really like some that a lot of C*+ wrapper classes are in the framework like CCString, CCArray, … That makes the move a lot easier if you already know the framework. So nice work guys.
The next step was to port this small experiment to cocos2d-x for metro. The first problem that I occurred is that a lot of interfaces are not similar, so I could not reuse my C*+ code. Another problem was that after rewriting the code the app just crashed on invalid pointers. I hope that this gets solved for future versions. Is this branch of the cocos2d-x family going to be separate of will it finally be integrated into cocos2d-x?