Cocos2d-HTML5 + Box2dWeb + BlackBerry sample

Cocos2d-HTML5 + Box2dWeb + BlackBerry sample
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Hello all,

I just wanted to share a link to a sample application I’ve put together for the BlackBerry 10 platform:

It’s still a work in progress, but I thought it was at a decent point where some developers might be able to take some ideas from it.

Some key features are:

  • BlackBerry platform implementation.
  • Box2DWeb integration via Web Workers.
  • Virtual Controls via Freewill.js.
  • Level creation with Tiled (i.e. TMX files.)

There are definitely things that are still missing, but I plan to keep working on this over time. Check out the README file for a full explanation of the various features.

I’m also working on putting up a hosted version of this sample so that you can run it directly in your browser, along with thorough documentation. Any and all feedback is welcome :slight_smile: