cocos2d-html5 as multiplayer server

cocos2d-html5 as multiplayer server
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I am currently thinking of a multiplayer game written completely in cocos2d-html5. But for this I need to run the server part of the game without a webbrowser. Is this possible in cocos2d-html5? Maybe running cocos2d-html5 with node?


Hello Daniel,

Cocos2d-html5 will help you making the client for your game, but the server needs to reside somewhere! and cannot be inside a webbrowser.

However, there is an alternative for writing a game server with Javascript, which is node.js ( You could combine it with a cloud app server (such as Heroku) to have something to experiment. Expect to pay for Heroku if you publish your game and gets popular :wink:

Does this answer your question?