Cocos2d HTML5 Android 2.3.6 and lower

Cocos2d HTML5 Android 2.3.6 and lower
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I’m working on a game and I’m having black screens in the Android default browser with devices with 2.3.6 and lower. An example is a Samsung Galaxy S2 with 2.3.6 that gives a black screen when I run the game and if you upgrade the software to 4.0.4 or higher it works. Is there anything I should avoid to make the game work (music, SpriteBatch) or the default Android browser of old devices can’t run Cocos2d HTML5?


Could you post the error log here?

Which browser and which engine version did you use?

I guess that some api are not supported by old version android or browsers.


hi @Albert, could you please help me to test the issue?

Please comment /cocos2d/platform/EGLView.js line 344 to line 348.

               var context = cc.renderContext;
                context.rect(locWidth, -viewPortH + locHeight, viewPortW, viewPortH);

It looks like that the old system doesn’t support clip api.

We will replace it in the future.