Cocos2D-Html5 2.2 - Internet Explorer 11 - Only Canvas?

Cocos2D-Html5 2.2 - Internet Explorer 11 - Only Canvas?
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It’s my impression or the samples have been changed to use only canvas in order to work into IE11?

I have tried some codes here and it seems that IE11 WebGL is not working with cocos2D.

Also when using Canvas I could not use CrossFadeTransactions…



Of course you can enable WEBGL on IE11, however, there would be some bugs, because we don’t test it on IE11 yet.

It will be tested later. We will try to fix it before next release.


Thanks Shun!

It would be great to have it working properly, since it can work as a Windows 8 App.




I have seen in the “supported platforms” section of the wiki that IE is supported by Cocos2d-thml5. The thing is that it doesn’t work for me on Cocos2d-html5 2.1.4. Does that mean that IE support was added later? (I’m talking about desktop browser, not windows phone).



Is there any update on support for IE 11? Does anyone have recommendations on how to have only IE11 run on canvas mode, and other versions use WebGL?



Hi, Sean,

For now, you can’t do that without some modification in the code of cocos2d (plateform/miniFramework.js)



Thank you for the information Huabin.

Others may want to know that there has been an update to avoid this issue:

Though in this case it pushes all versions of IE to the canvas mode.