Cocos2d-html5 2.1.5 JSON not working anymore

Cocos2d-html5 2.1.5 JSON not working anymore
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OK guys I give up :P…

Last time my JSON settings were working really good, put .json into the ccloader as an XML and just using:

was working great, than after the update that finally has included JSON at the cc.loader (as a TXT oO), it doesn’t work…

I am trying to update it to make use of the pluginX, but this have been a turn down for hours already :(.

How you guys are reading JSON in your projects?


I use an animation json file.
the file postfix must be json or exportJson


I could find the way that the load json files for animation…

I am trying into my server, I used to just debug offline (using the file:// address), maybe that is the problem…

But it isn’t working like that… I don’t know how it could be working before and now is broken…


Yeap, that was it… debugging local the XMLHttpRequest fail into Chrome… you must run from a webserver… :confused: