cocos2d for vs2010

cocos2d for vs2010
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how can i use cocos2d-x in vs2010? I translate it to vs2010 solution, it can build successful, but can’t run! is there any suggestion?


Are you talking about cocos2d-win32 version?
Terriblely sorry that no one of us has VS2010.
Can you write more description or upload a screenshot to show how it failed to run?


I’m sorry for my question. it’s the program of my system, i run successful in another system of win7.

thanks any way.


You are welcome.
That’s a good news cocos2d-x can run on vs2010 & win7 :slight_smile:


I have windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 and I can’t install cocos2d-x by setup_vs2008.js. I have installed Visual Studio 2008 Express too, but it gave nothing. The same error: Cannot find where Visual Studio 9.0 is installed.
I watched the folder with iPhone tests and… I don’t see any tests here. Does the code which runs on Windows 7 is almost the same as the code for iPhone? I see different projects, one named “cocos2d-win32.sln”, the other named: “cocos2d-uphone.sln” in main folder, but I didn’t see any solution in C++ for iPhone! In folder CocosDenshion there is iphone folder, but code there is written in Objective-C :frowning:


Sorry, I think that I misunderstood what You have written on this page. If I understand well what You have written - the code for iPhone, Windows and Android is almost the same (only some differences in one class - #ifdef…)? If so - I don’t know why You put the CocosDenshion with folder of code for iphone in Objective-C.


* Hi, you had better to read the Overview section in main page. Xcode projects have no concept of Solution and Project like VS, so it’s different project file.
**# ]
**# [[How to run tests of cocos2d-x on iPhone Emulator]]

  • setup_vs2008.js is only for VistualStudio2008 Professional. The wizard for 2008 Express is here #300.

  • CocosDenshion is implemented based on the unique interfaces of each platform. On iPhone, as you see, we are so lazy, adding a simple c++ wrapper to CocosDenshion in cocos2d-iphone. The CocosDenshion code isn’t cross-platform except the api.