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how to run Cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.2 in android


Mac or Win32?




It is easier if your os is ubuntu:

cd samples/HelloCpp/proj.linux


not work in android emulator.
it work in linux


i dont know any linux but have you properly installed eclipse, androidsdk, androidndk? As far as i know, cocos2d-x does not run on the android virtual device. you must test on a real android device.


i use ndk8+ sdk+ api8+eclipse+cocos2d-x2.0.2
really?not run in emulator?
Minggo Zhang is this answer true?


Not sure about Linux but it should be the same. You need to enable GPU emulation on your android AVD. cocos2d-x is using gles20 which isn’t initially supported in the AVD’s. You need an AVD of API level 15 or higher, and enable gpu acceleration on the AVD. Search the forums, there also is a code change required (may be fixed in the later code). Here’s the thread on it.


Thanks for that one, Michael. Solves lot of problems. Only problem now is the frame rate.