cocos2d 2.0 now in beta 2

cocos2d 2.0 now in beta 2
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It looks like the gles 2.0 branch hasn’t been updated in a number of months. Is there no plan to have a separate 2.0 branch like cocos2d? It looks like this last release was scheduled to have the 2.0 branch but it is now moved into the unplanned section.

I am just curious about your plans as if it really is in the unplanned stages we need to change directions for a few of our projects.

Thank you. I appreciate your work on cocos2d-x.


Cocos2d-x used a different approach to implement gles2.0 : game sources will totally compatible with previous versions.
The reason we haven’t merged gles2.0 brach to master is that, this guy wanted to refactor folder structures and locate shader script files elegantly, but he was busy porting FishingJoy game onto multi-platforms in these months.


That is good news. Is there a list of what all needs to be done to get the code ready for merging so that someone else might be able to get it done. I am asking because maybe I can get someone to get it working or I may try to get it myself.


I think the folder structure isn’t important for running games on top of it.
The problem is the stability of gles2.0 branch. If you can be a pioneer of gles2.0 branch and prove it, other jobs are easy to do.


As for the stability problems are they actually causing crashes? If so is it specific devices, specific scenarios, etc? If not are the problems related to things like items being drawn incorrectly/flipped/wrong transforms, etc?