Cocos2d @ 10 Native SDK 10.0.4 Problem

Cocos2d @ 10 Native SDK 10.0.4 Problem
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i have installed the new Native SDK and now i got some compile errors:

note: ‘screen_get_window_property_pv’ is defined in DSO M:/bbndk-cascades-10.0.4-beta/target/qnx6/x86/usr/lib/ so try adding it to the linker command line

Does anyone know how i can fix this?


I’m kinda new to the ndk and just trying to get the cocos2dx samples to build properly. But…
I was working on some Cascades test projects in the beta 10 sdk and ran into a similar problem with some audio stuff I was working on trying to link

I fixed the build problem by adding the following in my project file, under HEADERS = ….
= ~~lmmrndclient
So presumably you can try adding LIBS +=~~lscreen to the .pro file.
Might also have to go to properties > configure> add library and add the library that way. It might complain that you have to manually add it to the Makefile, but that’s accomplished with the .pro file mod above.

Good luck!


Thx …
I solved it by adding the missing librarys “Project -> Add Library”… :o)

Now it runs, but its seems that the touch events dont work. I ll check it out


Also had the same problem and it was solved by adding the libraries. It runs on the simulator but the touch events don’t work.

Did you manage to get the touch events working? The touch events don’t work for me either.


Noo, still not working :(…

Ill let u know, if i get the touch events wokring on my simulator.