cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.10.0 problems

cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.10.0 problems
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when use cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.10.0 on linux, i get a link problem: cannot find the lcocos2d. i see the file HelloLua/Classes/ config theL with …/Android/libs/, but the real path is the …/android/libs, path is case sensitive on linux.

i test the android’s HelloWorld, when i click quit button, the demo crashed (it is not normal quit). when i test the HelloLua, it crashed directly at the start time.

as a stable version, it ’s fully tested?


Sorry, I only tested makefile and eclipse on linux, not

Did you test with real phone?


I test it in the android simulator, try to build both with ndk-r6 and ndk-r7.

The cocos2d-x have exciting features, but when i test it first, stable version failed to compile on 64bit Linux, i try to fix it but it crashed when running. when i recently test newest stable version on 32bit Linux, it still have some errors. what ’s the meaning of stable version?


Hello, I downloaded the repo from Git,
after compiling the Test demo shows the main menu but any touch crashes the application both in the simulator and my 2 devices (SDK 2.2)
I used ndk-r7. I remember testing the demo time ago, maybe something is broken in the repo?
Best whishes.


Just reinstalled the latest Android SDK and recompiled Test with ndk-rb5, it’s working now
just the accelerometer test seems it’s not working.
I’ll test agina with ndk-r7 later.


yes, with ndk-r7 test is crashing:

I/DEBUG(73): ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
I/DEBUG(73): Build fingerprint: ‘google/soju/crespo:2.3.4/GRJ22/121341:user/release-keys’
I/DEBUG(73): pid: 1006, tid: 1018 >>> org.cocos2dx.tests <<<
I/DEBUG(73): signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 00000087
I/DEBUG(73): r0 002c7ba8 r1 00000001 r2 44c43acc r3 00000087
I/DEBUG(73): r4 809c9ea0 r5 44c439b8 r6 44c43bb0 r7 44b43f20
I/DEBUG(73): r8 44c43acc r9 44b43f14 10 fffffe84 fp 4232f0f8
I/DEBUG(73): ip 809ca0bc sp 44c43990 lr 8092be83 pc 808e5c18 cpsr 00000030
I/DEBUG(73): d0 756f546576697461 d1 6967654273656863
I/DEBUG(73): d2 6f435f62696c5f65 d3 6552786432736f72
I/DEBUG(73): d4 0000000100000000 d5 000000000000f0cc
I/DEBUG(73): d6 0000000000000000 d7 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): d8 0000000000000000 d9 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): d10 0000000000000000 d11 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): d12 0000000000000000 d13 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): d16 000000c240536100 d17 c1e0000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): d18 3fe0000000000000 d19 3fe0000000000dc6
I/DEBUG(73): d20 3f76cff5716b41da d21 3fb33dc61a93ea8e
I/DEBUG(73): d22 3fd24998d6307188 d23 3fcc7288e957b53b
I/DEBUG(73): d24 3fc74721cad6b0ed d25 3fc39a09d078c69f
I/DEBUG(73): d26 0000000000000000 d27 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): d28 0000000000000000 d29 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): d30 0000000000000000 d31 0000000000000000
I/DEBUG(73): scr 60000012
I/DEBUG(73): #00 pc 000e5c18 /data/data/org.cocos2dx.tests/lib/
I/DEBUG(73): #01 pc 000e46de /data/data/org.cocos2dx.tests/lib/
I/DEBUG(73): #02 pc 001298be /data/data/org.cocos2dx.tests/lib/
I/DEBUG(73): #03 pc 00129c96 /data/data/org.cocos2dx.tests/lib/
I/DEBUG(73): #04 pc 0010058a /data/data/org.cocos2dx.tests/lib/
I/DEBUG(73): #05 pc 00017e34 /system/lib/
I/DEBUG(73): code around pc:
I/DEBUG(73): 808e5bf8 1c1158a2 58a24a2e 23041c18 f996f046
I/DEBUG(73): 808e5c08 930c1c03 2b009b0c 9b0cd015 3378681b
I/DEBUG(73): 808e5c18 9a0c681b 47981c10 2b001c03 9b0cd00b
I/DEBUG(73): 808e5c28 33fc681b 9a0c681b 47981c10 2b001c03
I/DEBUG(73): 808e5c38 2301d001 2300e000 d01f2b00 9a0ca908
I/DEBUG(73): code around lr:
I/DEBUG(73): 8092be60 b4f04644 1c07b083 46931c0e 1c30469a
I/DEBUG(73): 8092be70 f0004651 2800f975 6833d150 689b1c30
I/DEBUG(73): 8092be80 28014798 2802d045 2800d016 2700d108
I/DEBUG(73): 8092be90 1c38b003 4690bc3c 46a24699 bdf046ab
I/DEBUG(73): 8092bea0 48224a21 447a4b22 32744478 21ad447b
I/DEBUG(73): stack:
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43950 44208221
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43954 44c43968
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43958 44c439b8
I/DEBUG(73): 44c4395c 809caef0
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43960 00000000
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43964 0034b300
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43968 44208221
I/DEBUG(73): 44c4396c 44c43acc
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43970 44b43f14
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43974 fffffe84
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43978 4232f0f8
I/DEBUG(73): 44c4397c 809c9ea0
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43980 44c439b8
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43984 44c43bb0
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43988 df002777
I/DEBUG(73): 44c4398c e3a070ad
I/DEBUG(73): #00 44c43990 44208221
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43994 42eb8ae4
I/DEBUG(73): 44c43998 002e6e08
I/DEBUG(73): 44c4399c 002c8528
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439a0 002d5c50
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439a4 44c439c0
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439a8 44c439c4
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439ac 44c439c0
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439b0 0034b2e8
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439b4 44c43a38
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439b8 44208221
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439bc 42eb8ae4
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439c0 002c7ba8
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439c4 002c94d8
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439c8 002c94d8
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439cc 002c7ba4
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439d0 002d5c38
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439d4 809c9ea0
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439d8 808e464c /data/data/org.cocos2dx.tests/lib/
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439dc 808e46e3 /data/data/org.cocos2dx.tests/lib/
I/DEBUG(73): #01 44c439e0 0034b2e8
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439e4 00000000
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439e8 002e6e08
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439ec 002c8528
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439f0 44c43a34
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439f4 00000000
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439f8 002d5c18
I/DEBUG(73): 44c439fc 809298c1 /data/data/org.cocos2dx.tests/lib/
I/ActivityManager(110): Process org.cocos2dx.tests (pid 1006) has died.
I/WindowManager(110): WIN DEATH: Window{408a6c10 org.cocos2dx.tests/org.cocos2dx.tests.TestsDemo paused=false}
I/WindowManager(110): WIN DEATH: Window{408b2bb0 SurfaceView paused=false}
I/WindowManager(110): Setting rotation to 0, animFlags=1
I/ActivityManager(110): Config changed: { scale=1.0 imsi=0/0 loc=en_US touch=3 keys=1/1/2 nav=1/1 orien=1 layout=34 uiMode=17 seq=12}