cocos will use opengl or directx for render

cocos will use opengl or directx for render
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Hi cocos team!
I want to know
when will cocos v3 support for WP8? and wp8 on cocos v3 will use opengl or directx for render?
Thank so much.


There is no opengl for WP8, cocos2d-x 2.x uses a wrapper called angleproject:

And I doubt it’ll change in 3.0.


Microsoft guys are helping to support WP8 for v3.0. But i don’t think they can finish it when v3.0 final released. Using DirectX directly on WP8 is great. But i think we can not achieve it in short time.


Thank all,
So in the near future, cocos v3 will still use angleproject on wp8 and winrt for render?
when I use cocos v2 for wp8 with angleproject wrapper, app’s performance really lower other platform as android, ios… and ram twisted of angleproject, that is ram usage on wp8 and winrt larger other platform
if cocos v3 use directx directly for render, that is great!


cocos v3 not use directX directly :frowning:


Yep, cocos2d-x will not use directX directly in near future.


msopentech can not use directx directly because all of cocos2d uses OpenGL.
so have we a plan to change core of cocos2d to compatible with directx?