cocos platform doubts

cocos platform doubts
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cocos seems to be very interesting free approach to develop on iphone. I’m very new on this type of development.
So, if I write my source on windows platform, what do I need to do to port to IPhone?
And other question, is there possible to run my apps on IPod and IPad? Has someone tested?


* If you have finished a cococs2d-win32 game, then you can
# create a new cocos2d-x iOS project by the template for xcode
# copy entire “Classes” folder from win32 to the new poject in xcode
# build & run
you can reference to HelloWorld source in cocos2d-x project. It’s easy to learn. But becarful if you used platform-relatived api.

  • cocos2d-x is tested on both iPodTouch 3 & 4. We got the performance data on iPodTouch4, [[Performace Test of cocos2d-x 0.7.1 on iOS Devices]]. It also works for iPad, but you need to rewrite the coordinate and use iPad-sized images, otherwise users had to click the “X2” button. You can run cocos2d-x tests on iPad simulator now.


Walter, where can I get this emulator for windows?


As far as I know there is no (usable) emulator for Windows. If you want to build iOS apps (wether that’s using Cocos2d-x or not), you’ll need a Mac.

There are certain ways to get around it, but if you don’t want to get into really illegal stuff (being a programmer yourself, you shouldn’t, right? ;), it’s going to be almost just as expensive as buying the real thing.


For a iOS beginner, mac mini is recommended. It’s a bit slow but cheap. A used mac mini on may be $450.